FIDE Chesscom Grand Swiss 2021 Round 10 | Hosts Muzychuk and Conquest | !format !results


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Komente: 4

  • CrookedNose2131
    CrookedNose213122 ditë më parë

    I just find these two commentators boring. Conquest sits there silently watching, and occasionally offering a 3 word comment.

  • Michael Taberner
    Michael Taberner23 ditë më parë

    Great job by the commentary crew. I am def a Anna fan boy now.

  • Antoine
    Antoine23 ditë më parë

    Put this on vr

  • GM Chess & TaiQiGong Academy
    GM Chess & TaiQiGong Academy23 ditë më parë

    👊🏾😎👍🏼 Thanks for sharing

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