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  • 6 digit code
    6 digit code12 orë më parë

    1:43:00 connor got caught in 4k

  • Amihai Kopel
    Amihai Kopel12 orë më parë

    per million would be better

  • pewdie pie
    pewdie pie12 orë më parë

    Yeeeees ollie

  • Kirstein Becerel
    Kirstein Becerel12 orë më parë

    I am waiting for Just Some Guy Without a Mustache 's comment.

  • Chiedu Ezinwa
    Chiedu Ezinwa12 orë më parë

    russia grows gm's on trees

  • Daniel Fuchs
    Daniel Fuchs13 orë më parë

    You should do a per Capita one as well :)

  • Juan Felipe
    Juan Felipe13 orë më parë

    Dude it appears it really isnt that hard to be in wales national chess team

  • Kirstein Becerel
    Kirstein Becerel13 orë më parë

    *WOO YEAH BABYYYYY* I can hear it.

  • Januar Gumelar
    Januar Gumelar13 orë më parë

    What is this??? This is supposed to be a chess channel, right?

  • Timothy van Kassel
    Timothy van Kassel12 orë më parë

    Which is why chess is played. You can just consider this a tournament filled with beginners and amateurs.

  • Syaredza Ashrafi
    Syaredza Ashrafi13 orë më parë

    has become an anime chess channel now bitch

  • northernlight1000
    northernlight100013 orë më parë

    Loved this, very interesting to see!!

  • dogeSTATS (kasajizo)
    dogeSTATS (kasajizo)13 orë më parë

    is that genshin freaking impact

  • Cloud GAMING
    Cloud GAMING13 orë më parë

    Ollie's cuteness is literally breaking me.

  • HarindeR SaharaN
    HarindeR SaharaN13 orë më parë

    Gothamchess also explained this game on his channel.

  • Allen A
    Allen A14 orë më parë


  • parikannappan
    parikannappan14 orë më parë

    stalemates are unfair

  • Ananthakrishnan K
    Ananthakrishnan K14 orë më parë

    Bharatham enter 1:21

  • Damatovg
    Damatovg14 orë më parë

    I looked at the thumbnail for that first scenario, and at first, I was thinking why the hell, then I noticed exactly why

  • not a profi
    not a profi14 orë më parë

    if yugoslavia didn't fall appart it would be 2nd best, with such a small population.

  • F-Tan
    F-Tan14 orë më parë

    57:21 and that what ollie thinking

  • Pavan Kalyan
    Pavan Kalyan14 orë më parë

    The way india jumped in last decade 💗

  • Gorilla Go
    Gorilla Go14 orë më parë

    Impressive how India didn’t even appear till 2013 & in less than a decade, has reached top 5

  • Cutie Meow Meow
    Cutie Meow Meow14 orë më parë

    This Levy Rozman is good. He should make a ALthe channel.

  • Manas Srivastava
    Manas Srivastava14 orë më parë

    The fact that is astonishing is that Norway who’ve produced the greatest player of this generation isn’t even on the list !!

  • CrueLoaf
    CrueLoaf14 orë më parë

    Come on England!!

  • Aniket Nerlekar
    Aniket Nerlekar14 orë më parë

    After the anand inspired chess movement , India's GM nos boomed like anything.. Hats of to him !!

  • 9A 22 Dhruvjyoti Deb
    9A 22 Dhruvjyoti Deb14 orë më parë

    Ayy India is the top 5 less goo

  • Leon
    Leon15 orë më parë

    This is the perfect plot for her own anime. Just keep coming back alive like a true zombie and eventually get that W. Connor's cheering is also very wholesome

  • yami ryujin
    yami ryujin15 orë më parë

    Once again. Rustage blunder the Queen.

  • ajay kumar Singh
    ajay kumar Singh15 orë më parë

    India 🇮🇳 shall get into number 2 position by coming 5-6 years

  • Maharjan Sapnil
    Maharjan Sapnil15 orë më parë

    Rustage blunders his queen yet again. Classic

  • Miguel
    Miguel15 orë më parë

    at this point I am watching all the rustage games to see when he is going to blunder his queens

    DAVID15 orë më parë

    Vidit OP Indian meditator is coming for world cup

  • Angelo Gene
    Angelo Gene15 orë më parë

    Timestamps: Game 1 - 28:16 Game 2 - 48:11 Game 3 - 1:12:27 Game 4 - 1:56:07 Game 5 - 2:24:30 Note: I purposefully did not include who were playing these games to avoid spoilers. Who gets a tie breaker match and stuff like that. Player Interview timestamps will be on the replies. 👍😁

  • Aleksei K
    Aleksei K13 orë më parë

    suddenly i understood who would win in next game even i used your comment only ones. but previous one was so boring, so i decided just do not to watch.

  • Angelo Gene
    Angelo Gene14 orë më parë

    @CloudyVen Aww, thanks! 👍😁

  • CloudyVen
    CloudyVen14 orë më parë

    Gotta commend the effort here 👌👌👌

  • Slicenji Otaku
    Slicenji Otaku15 orë më parë

    Wait what?

  • Mark A Cesare
    Mark A Cesare15 orë më parë

    Very interesting and creative! Don't worry Rustage after that great idea of trading Queens to not blunder her, like I'm prone to too, you will get much better with the other pieces as a result and end with two often that way, like the last game! Awesome mate!

  • Outer Dimension
    Outer Dimension15 orë më parë

    Fide will create a new higher title or ask for harder requeriments, for sure. This thing gonna explode.

  • Alexander8765
    Alexander876515 orë më parë

    Amazing that tiny countries like Serbia has 52 GMs and Armenia has 39 GMs. Just out of interest, if USSR and Yugoslavia still existed, how many GMs do they each have?

  • spektrowski
    spektrowski14 orë më parë

    All ex-Soviet republics together have 508 GMs, and all ex-Yugoslavian countries have 117.

  • Ichal W
    Ichal W16 orë më parë

    can someone explain how did this become a stalemate? lmao Black King don't have any more options, all white had to do now is move the F4 rook to H4 and its checkmate right? Did the white's timer Ran out? or was it the Power of Anime? the Plot armor

  • DamnedUsernameThing
    DamnedUsernameThing13 orë më parë

    It's black's turn and black's only piece doesn't have any option to move. So black's turn will never end, thus it is a stalemate.

  • vikraant sharma
    vikraant sharma16 orë më parë

    Impact of vishy anand in india can easily be seen in this graph next up we will be able to see supreme leaders impact

  • Random Vids
    Random Vids16 orë më parë

    T T u

    HARSHIT VERMA16 orë më parë

    hey rustage plays chess too?

  • WildWankers
    WildWankers14 orë më parë

    Nope! 😂

  • Sushant Sharma
    Sushant Sharma16 orë më parë

    *India gonna ace that list soon*

  • Kavita Devi
    Kavita Devi16 orë më parë

    No. Of grandmaster doesn't matters quality of gameplay matters ex magnus from Norway which isn't even on list . 🙂

  • White Line
    White Line16 orë më parë

    USSR and Russia dominated the world.

  • M A
    M A17 orë më parë

    Are WGMs included in this count?

  • Arturo Abesamis
    Arturo Abesamis17 orë më parë

    Except to Wesley so!

  • colt bolt
    colt bolt17 orë më parë

    The battle was so epic that the broadcast couldn't handle it

  • Nk Nk
    Nk Nk17 orë më parë

    It’s crazy how few grandmasters there used to be. Maybe they should make the standards harder

  • Like Wagon
    Like Wagon17 orë më parë

    58:15 the way the broadcast stopped is like Ollie is using King Crimson against Rustage to blunder his queen

  • Trent
    Trent17 orë më parë

    We need more of these 2 guys together.

  • Rapizer
    Rapizer17 orë më parë

    Alex is clearly a Hafu x Dogdog fan

  • kyle petan
    kyle petan18 orë më parë

    3:48:37 SOLID!

  • Michael Shi
    Michael Shi18 orë më parë

    Countries with the least grandmasters?

  • Montage
    Montage18 orë më parë

    Can someone explain what the botez gambit is